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Important NTUST Forms

  • Points for Attention by University of College Faculty Implementing Projects   〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Industrial-Academic Collaboration Project and Technology Transfer Agreement   〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Industrial-Academic Collaboration Project and Copyright Transfer Agreement   〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Second course withdraw form ( via manual operation )
  • Inter-university course selection form
  • Instructor Consent Form 〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Master's Degree Examination Recommedation Letter from the Committee Members  〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Master's Degree Examination Application  〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Master's Degree Examination Scheduling Form  〈DOC〉 〈ODT
  • Requirements for English Proficiency and Waiver Application Form  〈DOC〉 〈PDF
  • Scholarship Application Form 〈DOC〉 〈PDF
  • Affidavit  〈DOC〉 〈ODT



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