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Geography Advantages

          NTUST is conveniently located in Taipei, where over two thirds of patent law firms and high technology companies including those situated in various industry parks north to Hsinchu area may be reached within 1 hour.  The industry parks include Neihu Technology Park, Nankang Software Park, Hsinchu Science and Technology Park as well as Industry Parks respectively situated in Zhongli City, Longtang Township, Pingzhen City, Hukou Township, and Zhubei City.  Demand for patent professionals including patent attorneys and senior patent engineers in these parks is high, hence companies in these parks would be the primary choice of our future graduates.  NTUST also cooperated with Taipei City Government by forming an Industry-University Cooperating Center in Neihu Technology Park.  Moreover, Hsinchu County government has graciously allowed NTUST with the access of a land of 20 acres, which will be used as a new campus of NTUST, where future college of Industry would be located, such college would be of great value in helping the interaction of university and industry, practical training of the students, and providing vocational guidance to the students/graduates.