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Research Interest

Kuo-tsan Liu



Mechanical Technician

Patent Representative

‧Patent Regulations

‧Patent Appraisal Standards

‧Patent Reporting and Invalidity Auditing

‧Patent technical Analysis and Porfolio

‧Patent Right Infringements

‧Application Patent Scope Analysis

Yun Ken


‧Management of Intellectual Property Right

‧Management of Technology

‧Public Policy of Science and Technology

‧Innovation Management

‧Technology Transfer

‧Patent Analysis

Jau-hwa Chen


‧Patent Law

‧Trademark Law

‧Remedies of the Intellectual Property Rights

‧Medical and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

Hung-wen Tsai

Associate Professor

‧Procedure System Engineering

‧Intellectual Property Rights Protection Strategy

‧Patent Porfolio Analysis

‧Patent Infringment Appraisal

Chung-huei Kuan

Associate Professor

‧Patent Quantitative Analysis

‧Patent data mining and Application

‧Patent Practice (Search, Writing, Prosecution, Appraisal)

‧Practice in Technical Transfer and Authorization

Yen-jen Chen

Project Assistant Professor

‧Law of Tax (focuses on the research of IP tax、International Tax Law)

‧Administrative Law

‧Corporate Business Law

Chi-yang Lin

Project Assistant Professor

‧Intellectual Property Right Law

‧Competition Law

‧Personal Information Protection Act

‧Japanese Intellectual Property Right Law

‧Management of Intellectual Property Right and Related Policy Analysis

‧Economic Analysis of Law


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