The features of Graduate Institute of Patent were meant to be different from those of the Institute of Technology Law in any University, and are focused on executing the followings features and developments in accordance with the specialty of each researcher/teacher of this Institute,   


(a) Cultivating talents that are proficient in technology, management and/or law by providing a patent curriculum via integrating the resources of individual department, college and/or school;

(b) Cultivating talents that are proficient in both theory and practice by offering a practice curriculum or by any cooperation mechanism between industry and University;

(c) Cultivating talents that are proficient in patent prosecution and litigation by cooperating with Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Court and Patent Attorney Association, so as to bring the patent practice level of this country to a level comparable with that of any international society. 


          Future developments are as follows,


(a) Technology and patent explore;

(b) Technology and patent layout;

(c) Patent infringement analysis and litigation;

(d) Addition of patent value and management.  



Last update: 19 Apr. 2022