As more and more public attention being emphasized on the protection of intellectual property right, Taiwan government announced the establishment of its first professional court, Intellectual Property Court, in July, 2008; a nation-wide patent bar examination was held en suit in August.  Foreign patent right owners constantly adopt patent litigation as a means for demanding huge amount of damage rewards from the owners of Taiwans industry, the requested amount of loyalties and/or damage rewards often times is so high that it hampers the operation of a normal business, which forces the owners of Taiwans industry and companies to take on a different attitude in patent matters, from a passive defending approach to active attacking approach by strategically planning patent layouts in research and development stage.  As competition is no longer limited within the domestic market, the influence of patent right shall not be overlooked, and relative measures must be taken so as to satisfy the demand for talents that are proficient in patent matters. 


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) is one of the recipients supported by the Program of 50 Billion in 5 Years, and is famous for its graduates being regarded as elites among various professional fields.  According to the most recent statistics conducted by the National Science Council (NSC), NTUST respectively ranks in third in terms of the total amount of loyalties received in technology transfer, total number of patent granted and the amount of loyalties received by any individuals.  The performance of NTUST in patent matters is outstanding; it not only devotes itself in basic research but also actively participating in practice matters.  The technology Transfer Center of NTUST has been awarded with the title of The Best Technology Transfer Center five times by NSC for the past six years, with a continued growth in the total amount of loyalties received in technology transfer, total number of patent granted and the amount of loyalties received by any individuals.  Given the important role of patents may play in any industry and the demand for talents in patent management, Graduate Institute of Patent is thereby established on August 1, 2010 by NTUST. 


Patent study involves the integration of technology innovation, law and regulation as well as technology management, the complexity of patent study is manifested in the complexity of the patent bar examination of this country.  Hence the cultivation of human resources proficient in patent matters is not an easy task that may be achieved by any traditional College, but requires an integrated college that encompasses technology, management and law.


In its efforts of becoming the best University, Honors College of NTUST was established in the year of 2008 and served as a plate form for technology integration, the recruitment of renowned scholars and the cultivation of professional elites.  Honors College currently holds three institutes; they are Graduate Institute of Engineering, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and Jing Cheng Department (University Inter-Discipline Department).  With the newly established Graduate Institute of Patent joining in, Honors College may be a main contributor in the practice application of technology integration.    


Last update: 29 JUN. 2022