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Developmental direction and focus

Courses in the university’s “ Bachelor Degree Program of Intellectual Property Rights” combine the fields of social and behavioral sciences law, engineering, commerce, and management, and will emphasize perception and application of Intellectual Property Rights. Other than the most basic Intellectual Property Rights output, intellectual property respect and maintenance, realization of Intellectual Property Rights commoditization, dealing with Intellectual Property Rights disputes, to the value addition and creation with Intellectual Property Rights, students can find relevant information, suitable courses, practical operations, and consulting channels.

  The program also focuses on the following directions and important points for theoretical development and practical application: 

(1) Intellectual Property Rights regulations system

Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and Trade Secrets Law with Intellectual Property Rights Law are the foundation to cultivate knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights Law in students, satisfy the demand for human resources in the Intellectual Property Rights field, train the professionals urgently needed for Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Rights protection and litigation systems, and strengthen the development of Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Rights system.

(2) Technical and patent analysis portfolio

Emphasizes Intellectual Property Rights management, including intellectual property assessment, Intellectual Property Rights management system, patent analysis and portfolio, with these courses to use the patent search and analysis management platform, along with students’ original field backgrounds, in order to train professionals who can balance theory and practice.


(3) Appraisal and dispute of Intellectual Property Rights infringement

Focuses on Intellectual Property Rights authorization agreements, Fair Trade Act, and Intellectual Property Rights litigation, with case discussion as basis, to guide students in understanding the back-and-forth between vendors in Intellectual Property Rights, as well as measures among different companies.

(4) Intellectual Property Rights value addition and accumulated management strategy

This focuses on technology innovation, Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Rights management system, the high-tech intellectual property battles among corporations, and biotechnology. It trains students in integrating technology legal knowledge and their science or management backgrounds, enabling to conform to social and corporate needs and elevating the added product value brought by Intellectual Property Rights.

(5) Intellectual Property Rights and data mining

This focuses on the latest technical searches in Intellectual Property Rights, using the students’ academic course and their existing science or management backgrounds to create a balance to understand the current trends.  

The above five developmental points not only emphasize cultivation of theory and practice in students, but also emphasizes the implementation of the following characteristics:

(1) Integrating resources across departments, colleges, and universities, providing for a series of professional courses in Intellectual Property Rights to cultivate Intellectual Property Rights professionals with background knowledge in technology, management, and law.

(2) Industry-academia collaboration and practice courses and industrial collaboration instruction mechanisms are used to train professionals adept in theory and practice, and promote industry-academic cooperation and exchange.

(3) Collaborate with departments such as Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Law, and Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association, to train professionals in Intellectual Property Rights protection and litigation systems urgently needed in Taiwan, to enhance Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Rights system to achieve the international standard and quality.

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