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Enrollment quota and eligibility

1. Enrollment quota
In order to maintain the instructional quality and in consideration of the resources that can be provided by relevant departments and schools, the expected quota for this program is 30 students.

2. Eligibility
Those who have obtained degrees higher than a bachelor degree from a university or independent college in Taiwan that has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, or from a university or independent college from overseas that is approved by the Ministry of Education. Those who apply should have completed their military service or be without obligation to participate in military service.

3. Admissions methods
This program uses independent admissions methods. The admissions committee at the university is responsible for evaluating the admissions instructions of this program, determine acceptance standards, and other enrollment issues.

4. Admission instructions
Admission instructions will list the admission program type (Post- Bachelor Degree Program in Intellectual Property Rights), admissions quota, eligibility, admissions procedures, admission principles, and relevant requirements, which should be promulgated at least 20 days before applications are accepted.

5. Evaluation of academic grades
Since students may come from different fields, oral examinations and written evaluations are used to determine the scores of the students. Students must provide a transcript for the four years of college, personal statement, and study plan to be evaluated by the admission committee. Grade evaluation includes written evaluation and oral examination. The evaluation standards include learning potential, study plan, university courses, and connection to this program.

6. Acceptance principle
(1) Before the admission results are released, the recruitment commission of this school establishes the lowest admission standards. Those above the standard who are not admitted shall be placed on the waiting list. If they do not reach the lowest admission standards, they can be admitted insufficient enrollment. After the admitted students check-in, insufficiencies shall be made up with the people on the waiting list to make up the originally approved recruitment number.
(2) If there are more than 2 people with the same overall score in the last place among the admitted students to the program, and the total scores of the waiting list students are the same to make up for the enrolled students, admissions should be arranged based on the same-score sequence according to the admission instructions.

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