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Curricular planning and courses requirements

1. Curricular content
          In order to meet industry needs, curricular planning in this program is interdepartmental and intercollege in design and integration to cultivate interdisciplinary personnel with secondary expertise areas. Courses in the program encompass the three fields of technological innovation, legal regulations, and technological management. At the same time, students are given assistance to obtain relevant professional certification, internship ability, or to enhance foreign language ability.

2. Course requirements
          Graduation from this program requires 48 credits. Students are required to take the “Special Topics on Intellectual Property” course, finish production and pass the evaluation. Those who already have more than a bachelor degree in a similar field can use credits to reduce course requirements according to the school’s methods. After reduction, the actually taken credits shall not be lower than 40.

3. Program time
          Most are daytime courses. If the number of students meets school requirements, students can request weekend and summer classes.

4. Graduation time
          The time for this program is 1 year, and can be extended to 2 years.

5. Instruction and counseling
          This program will implement an advising system where the homeroom teacher is responsible for recommending an advisor from among the faculty. The advisor will regularly meet with students to customize suggested course schedules based on student aptitude and needs, and regularly assess the students’ adaptation to the program to adjust the study direction in a timely manner.

6. Make up for other basic subjects
          Advisors shall evaluate the student’s university courses to determine whether students who take this program will need to make up the basic subjects in this program.

7. Special Topics on Intellectual Property
          Other than the required 48 credits before graduation, students must also complete a Special Topics on Intellectual Property and pass the evaluation. In the Special Topics on Intellectual Property, 1 to 4 students form a group, with one teaching faculty as the advising teacher. At the presentation conference for the Special Topics on Intellectual Property, the advising teacher will evaluate, and the evaluation scores must be at 60 (including oral and written reports) to enable students to receive program certification.

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