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Participation in the industry

 1. Planning of symposia and programs relating to industry or relevant departments
        Curricular design in this program hopes to integrate professional courses in technological innovation, legal regulations, technological management, and humanities. The curricular planning commission of various levels participated in discussion about the curricular planning for this program, inviting professors from the schools for digital information, engineering, management, and social sciences at the university, as well as industry experts, alumni, and academic scholars to help discuss and establish the curriculum. The curriculum this program not only gathers professors with outstanding performance in the Intellectual Property Rights field from this university, but will also seek teachers with practical experience to teach the practical courses on basic theory and application of Intellectual Property Rights. There will also be courses on strategies, planning, and management of Intellectual Property Rights in various industries, research and development, as well as commercial competition.


2. Planning for the industry to provide corporate internships
        In order to accommodate industrial attributes, student aptitudes and backgrounds, and the development of Intellectual Property Rights practice, the Special Topics on Intellectual Property and internships being planned with connect with the industry-academia-training model, seeking collaboration with the university’s technological transfer center, patent offices, and the industry to promote industry-academia cooperation and exchange. Students are also encouraged to sit for patent officer licenses and Intellectual Property personnel certification. This program seeks to train professionals balanced in theory and practice, so that students can achieve the purposes and attributes of workplace conversion or value addition.


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