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Graduate Institute of Patent
Welcome to Graduate Institute of Patent
Developmental objectives of the program

          This program will integrate resources from across departments, institutions, and schools, provide for a series of professional courses on Intellectual Property Rights. It is hoped that the program will train students who have abilities in technological innovation, legal regulations, and technological management knowledge backgrounds. Collaboration and practical courses among industry, government, and academia, as well as collaborative instructional mechanisms are used to train talent who can balance theory and practice, promoting the cooperation and exchange between industry and academia.

1. Features
(1) Based on the principles and customs in Intellectual Property Rights practice, as well as the relevant Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and Trade Secrets Law, personnel who know relevant theory and practice are trained.
(2) Faculty in the program have abundant academic and practical experience backgrounds, and they can share practical experiences in the profession of Intellectual Property Rights with students. The academic program content can satisfy needs of the business world, in order to meet the human resources needs in Intellectual Property fields.
(3) With the school’s technology transference center and the collaborative practice courses among industry, government, and academia, as well as collaborative instructional mechanism among industry, government, and academia, this can train talent who know theory and practice, and promote cooperation between industry and academia.
(4) The school hopes to engage in collaboration with Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Intellectual Property Court, and Patent Attorneys Association in training professionals needed for patent protection and litigation systems in Taiwan to strengthen development of the patent system in Taiwan.

2. Objectives
(1) Cultivate secondary expertise in students, provide for opportunities of interdisciplinary training, and cultivate professional needed for Intellectual Property Rights Law.
(2) Develop a research center for Intellectual Property Rights regulations, a think tank for Taiwanese industrial Intellectual Property Rights regulations, and a research center for Asia-Pacific International Intellectual Property Rights Law.
(3) Enhance international competitiveness for industries relating to Intellectual Property Rights for the country.
After students graduate, whether they choose employment or advanced studies, they will find complementarity in their academic backgrounds and the Intellectual Property Rights program, conforming to the needs of society and corporate world, which would benefit development of the technology industry in Taiwan.

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