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Background and purpose of establishment

1. Background of establishment
        With the advent of the age of knowledge economy, various countries are paying greater attention to Intellectual Property Rights. In recent years, due to the rapid improvement of technology, there have been many issues derived from Intellectual Property Rights. This not only resulted in an increase in litigation, but can also be seen as a trade obstacle for other advanced countries. As various countries are diligently promoting economic and technological development, the issue of Intellectual Property Rights has received attention in different countries, bringing massive business opportunities and benefits under the competition of Intellectual Property Rights, which may become an important key to corporate victory. Therefore, various countries placed great attention on the robust development of the system of Intellectual Property Rights.

        Implementation of the Intellectual Property system not only requires comprehensive regulations and norms, but also needs professional Intellectual Property Rights personnel such as patent attorneys, patent and trademark officer, and representatives in applying for patents and trademarks, who have technical knowledge and relevant regulations above the industrial technological level in specific industries. These are the basic conditions for personnel and representatives in industries relating to Intellectual Property Rights.

        In recent year, Intellectual Property Rights are also being emphasized in Taiwan, establishing the Intellectual Property Court in July 2008. Since the usage of Intellectual Property Rights as means for payment of royalties and violation damages have seriously affected corporate operations, many corporations and vendors in Taiwan have also changed their strategies, from less concern about Intellectual Property Rights in the past to active planning of deployment and warranties in relevant Intellectual Property Rights. As Taiwanese corporations face global industrial competition, the influence of Intellectual Property Rights is extremely profound, so it is urgent to cultivate professional personnel in Intellectual Property Rights.

        In terms of instructional and research planning, this program seeks to recruit students to give them a solid foundation in theories and practical abilities in Intellectual Property Rights. Other than holding professional courses in Intellectual Property Rights that balance theory and practice, the program also seeks to enhance the discursive analysis and deduction abilities of students, combining technological innovation, legal regulations, and technological management as the main research topics, in order to train students to become professionals who have ability in practical implementation.

2. Purpose of establishment
        This program focuses on cultivating Intellectual Property Rights personnel, auditors, and patent attorneys needed for the Intellectual Property field. The objective is very concrete and definite. Other than training students in professional abilities such as how to make applications, debate, obtain, and maintain patent and trademark rights for the inventor, the program also trains students to clearly understand regulations in Intellectual Property Rights, in turn strengthening Taiwan’s competitiveness in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

         Students who obtain this degree can take examinations for patent officers, patent and trademark auditors, and Intellectual Property Rights personnel for certification, to execute business relating to patents and trademarks in Intellectual Property Rights. Students with Intellectual Property Rights degrees can also work in private corporations to assist in research, development, innovation, and implementing work relating to Intellectual Property Rights.


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