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2012 Honors College Outstanding Youth Selecion Procedure

1. All currently enrolled students of this university who study at Honors College for a year, application for the students under 40 years old, and have a cumulative grade point average of 70 or above and a cumulative behavior grade point average of 80 or above are eligible for selection if they meet one of the following requirements. (Those who are once elect are not eligible.)

  (1) Concrete demonstration of outstanding service and contributions to extra-curricular clubs and activities

  (2) Concrete demonstration of outstanding concern for social welfare and contributions to community service

  (3) Concrete demonstration of outstanding performance in national or international competitions

  (4) Concrete demonstration of outstanding performance in academic research, literature, fine arts, or athletics

  (5) Achievements in overcoming difficulties and hardships in the pursuit of an education that can serve as a model for other students

  (6) Any other achievements that can serve as a model for other students


2. Application Documents:

  (1) Autobiography

  (2) Academic Transcript

  (3) Recommendation Form


3. Date of Application:

    Please submit application documents to the office of the Graduate Institute of Patent before Dec. 17th, 2012.


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