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Graduate Institute of Patent
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Career Path

Employment and future planning for students

        In order to help students of our school perform well after graduation and in employment, and to allow education at the Institute to conform to industrial needs, the Institute will invite important people in the patent field, such as the head of the Intellectual Property Office, President of the Intellectual Property Court, patent attorney association president, legal officers of well-known corporations, patent attorneys for consulting conferences, to provide and guide the instruction in the Institute. Ultimately, it is hoped that students at the Institute will have high employment rates and outstanding performance at the workplace.

According to the educational goals of this Institute, it is estimated that the graduates will have job opportunities in the following areas:


(1)Employment abilities relating to patent attorneys: to pass national examinations to become patent attorneys, to work as patent engineers at technological companies, legal personnel, in patent law offices for patent representation, or work as patent engineers.


(2)Corporate research and development or legal director: to have the professional abilities in evaluating patents and audit intellectual property rights.


(3) Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Court: to serve as patent adjudicators, adjudication assistants, technical adjudicators, and other professional patent work.


(4) Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, and other corporations or public and private universities: engage in technological transfers, patent strategic planning, and other professional work relating to patents.